Tour Information

    Sichuan has a long history of 4,500 years civilization until now, it is known as the "land of abundance". There are 7 national famous historical and cultural cities: Chengdu, Zigong, Leshan, Yibin, Luzhou, Langzhong and Dujiangyan; 40 national key units of cultural relics protection places, and 24 provincial famous historical and cultural cities (towns). From ancient water conservancy project and former town houses to celebrity residence, from temples and stone carvings mural to modern art museum, from prehistoric sites to modern construction style, Sichuan has everything mentioned above. Since 1978 the reform and opening, Sichuan tourism boom, Chengdu which is the tourist center in Sichuan province, has become the most prosperous and modern city in western China. There are many places of interest as follows.

Emei Mountain                     Leshan Giant Buddha
Qingcheng Mountain
Dujiangyan Dam

Panda Base of Chengdu                    Jinsha Site (Chengdu)